Medical Interpreter Certificate Program

“Each instructor is experienced in the field; they cover and present a common sense approach that can be used in a real world environment. They go beyond just reading the material. The interaction with the class assured the instructor that we understood what was taught and all questions and concerns were answered.

The Medical Interpreters course was challenging, educational, engaging and fun. The interaction between the instructors and the class is what makes this course different than just reading a book or attending an online seminar.”

Victor Toledo, Rhode Island, Graduate February 2011 class.

“When I decided to become a medical interpreter  I spent hours and hours researching training programs on the internet.  In Oregon where I live, I found on-line programs only and, to learn a huge body of medical information and the interpreting professional requirements and practical skills I would need, I wanted the structure and hands-on training of a live class. Interpreters Associates offered a 5 week, 45-hour intensive program taught by working Medical Interpreters with the highest available levels of national certification.  They helped me line everything up over the phone, including housing, and I flew all the way across the country.  It was worth it.  The pace was intense – it had to be to properly cover all the material required of an IMIA-approved Certificate Program in only 5 weeks – but the teachers were qualified and both encouraging and demanding and I ended up passing with flying colors all the course requirements, culminating in a written exam that was designed to prepare me for the written National Certification Exam, as well as an oral exam of medical consultation interpreting role-plays. I want to thank my instructors, Art, Randy and Nestor as well as Ana and the rest of the Interpreters Associates staff. I definitely got what I came for!”

Joan Milligan, Oregon, Graduate February 2011 class. After working as a freelance for a short time, Joan was quickly hired by Sacred Heart Medical Center in Oregon in early 2012.


Comments about our Online Program:

“Thank you so much for all the guidance, advice and encouragement throughout the course, as it gave me confidence in my post completion capabilities, to apply for medical interpreter jobs, and what I learned during the program was impressive enough for a highly ranked and reputable hospital in DC, to hire me. This 10 week course was a wonderful and rewarding experience. It was an opportunity to meet professional instructors with exceptional knowledge and skills preparing medical interpreters to be. They respond to all questions at anytime and present materials in an entertaining way. They also made sure to include practical examples in addition to tips from their own work experience. The program was solid with a lot of commonly used medical terminology, inspiring discussions, and a great source of information. The presentations were tremendously helpful in memorizing and understanding practical issues. It was very well organized and I highly recommend to all those interested in becoming medical interpreters.”

Wishing you all the best!

-Nadia Almahmood, Virginia, Graduate February 2015. 


“The online medical certificate program is both convenient and efficient, definitely hassle-free, particularly for parents of young children. The forum is absolutely a very productive way of discussing weekly topics with the instructors and classmates. The instructors encourage the trainees to conduct research on medical topics as well as the ethics and principles in medical interpreting and the roles of medical interpreters. After doing some research, you discuss your findings with your classmates and the instructor through writings on the forum.

After completing this course, I took the Stanford hospital interpreter tests, both written and oral, and I passed. Thank you for this great program!”

-Ozlem Gregory, California, Graduate September 2014


Other News about our Programs:

Our Medical Interpreter certificate course complies with all IMIA guidelines. Our certificate is recognized internationally as well as domestically by the IMIA and the CCHI as a preparatory course for the Certified Medical Interpreter National Board Exams.

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We are currently offering the following Medical Interpreter Certificate Programs:


Our next on-line 60-hour Medical Interpreter Certificate Course will begin January 5th 2016  for 10 weeks of study. The cost is $790.00 plus $29.00 shipping & handling. For more information click here or email:


2016 Winter Class will be every Saturday starting on January 9, 2016 at 9:00AM-4:00PM for 9 weeks (60 Hours) at our Charlestown location. SIGN UP TODAY!!! The cost is $890.00.



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